“I stir among the traces of that feeling of hidden passions, gathered in the Callejón de Hamell Habanero. His sound fell madly on that little and enthusiastic “angel”, who – with happy hair – looked out at everyone, smiling, as if to say: I also…

Concha Abuela took care of the coffee and those two little souls who would later embrace the music: “Angelitico” and “Sonita” so virtuous, so smiling… so much… so much…
The guitar and the father, the older ones mixed up in dialogues and chords, in fleeting melodies that would later become eternal melodies.

And Angelho wanted to run away, to look for his “I” by returning to his blue remanzo of keys, with a loving but noble rhythm. And, like an angel at last, he surrendered to the night “

Silvia González Guerra (Cuban composer)


His father was the Cuban composer, guitarist and singer, founder of the feeling movement, creator of the beautiful song “Rosa Mustia”


From left to right Nelson Díaz, José A Méndez, Moncho (Spain), Gina León and César Portillo de la Luz, at El Rincón del Feeling (Vedado, Havana) where he hosted for decades.

Nelson Diaz, his brother. Accompanying guitarist, vocalist and also cultivator of the genre

Caratula CD Angel DIaz editado

LP “El Bolero y el Feeling del Callejón de Hammell”, EGREM 1990


Together with Elsa Rivero, Diva de la Canción with whom she formed a successful and lasting vocal duo

Different interpretations of the classic “Rosa Mustia”

More at his YouTube channel

An extra: excerpt from an interview conducted by Lourdes Mendoza with Angelho Diaz about the feeling



Feeling is life, love, poetry, improvisation… and forged his poetic spirit on the piano and music


Created by Gabriela López Urquiaga

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